Why local?

Here are a few reasons...


Goodness for your family

100% local (unparalleled nutrition, savory flavors, no pesticides)

Foods selected for flavor and nutrition not for surviving long truck rides

Greens: Beets, kale, spinach
Roots: Carrots, beets, daikon radish
Dressing: Honey, hazelnut oil, apple cider vinegar, hardneck garlic


Picked by us minutes before you receive your CSA share.

Not the days or weeks it takes produce to get from California to your table.


Grown organically by your neighbors

Even organic foods lose up to half their nutritional value each day they travel from across the country to the store

On average, our produce will have double or triple the nutritional value of what you can get at your local grocer


Everything we grow uses principles that are are organic +

For example, Organic practices allow the use of plastic tarps to warm the soil and retard weeds. These are now known to cause serious health problems by introducing forever chemicals (like PFAs) into our bodies. 

We don't use black plastic

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