Honey Nut Farm, established in early 2020, on Pond Street in Hopkinton is dedicated to mixed vegetable production and developing perennial fruit and nut forests. COVID proved the catalyst for the official groundbreaking of the farm. With great determination and effort, those of us on Honey Nut Farm are working toward establishing a permaculture paradise, that ultimately will yield a self-supporting ecosystem capable of providing all the food necessary to sustain those who live here in addition to producing a bounty that will supply our neighbors in the community. 

Why No-Till Farming?

At Honey Nut Farm we practice sustainable, no-till, & regenerative farming to promote soil health and biodiversity. These practices help us to produce healthier and nutritious crops, while building topsoil and working symbiotically with the diverse polyculture around us. 

Tenets Of No-Till Farming
- Keep the Soil covered as Much as Possible.
- Disturb the Soil as Little as Possible.
- Keep the Soil Planted as Much as Possible.

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