CSA, or community supported agriculture, is akin to a joint venture company, where participants pool resources toward accomplishing a common goal, sharing in both the risks and rewards. In the case of a CSA, the requisite resources are time, money, and labor, which are invested toward the production of delicious, wholesome vegetables and other farm products that are distributed among the investors. Both the farm and its investors share in the reward of successful harvests, while understanding the risk of crop failures due to weather, pest pressure, disease, and the myriad other afflictions that can beset food crops. 

At Honey Nut Farm we practice regenerative agriculture, growing a diverse polyculture using no-till methods of farming, integrating such management practices as crop rotation, cover cropping, and thoughtful integration of our livestock to assist with fertility management, aerate the soil, and terminate cover crops without the use of invasive equipment like rototillers, which are incredibly detrimental to the long term health of the soil and its diverse population of microbes. These practices help us to mitigate a lot of disease and pest pressure, while simultaneously growing some of the most nutritionally dense and tasty food locally available. 

In fact, locally grown food is by default the tastiest food you can buy. Beyond that, the nutritional content of vegetables and their taste are inherently linked, with studies showing that the better the vegetables taste, the more nutrition it contains, starkly noticeable in certain produce, like tomatoes where the difference between a farm fresh fruit is worlds apart from those available in the grocery store. 

Imagine each week receiving a share of diverse vegetables, straight from the farm, harvested perhaps that day or the day before, and reveling in the delights of the sweetest, sharpest, crispest vegetables you can find. We also maintain a small apiary on the farm and harvest honey in the spring, summer, and fall, to include in the share. In addition to our veg and honey, our small herd of Oberhasli dairy goats help us to create luxuriant soaps that we’re delighted to share with you as well. 

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