Every backyard can be a farm

We live and breathe our moto: shockingly local, everything but salt. We aspire to be the leader in teaching the world how to grow everything to sustain a small number of families on six acres. Here at Honey Nut Farm, we have planted everything we need to live off the grid if we had to and thrive on our land because we want to eat the most appetizing and nutritious foods possible.


David Kraus

Psychologist by training, farmer at heart. We're working to grow all our own food and dedicated to teach others how to turn their backyard into their own food forest!


Mark Congdon

12 years experience as farm manager. Learned the trade from the founder of the CSA movement

  1. WHEN - We started Honey Nut Farm when COVID caused the first run on the grocery stores. Our goal is to grow all our own food and share our learnings with others that want turn their backyard into something that is both productive and beautiful.
  2. WHY - I’m a psychologist by training, but my parents grew up on subsistence farms in Kansas and their grandparents on small farms in Ukraine and Russia. Farming has been in our blood since at least the 1200s. 
  3. HOW - The first thing we did after COVID was to build a large chicken coop and our kids raised about 30 chicks. We then turned much of our yard into garden space, then started cutting down about 200 80’ white pines (mostly on our own) to make space for all types of nut and fruit trees. We started building a fruit maze that has most every type of fruit bush that will grow in New England. Things like currants, gooseberry, Aronia berry, American cranberry, bush cherries, and many others. As we cut down some trees, we inoculated them with shiitake mushroom spores and harvest about 100 pounds of mushrooms a year. We’ve planted more than 50 blight resistant chestnuts, hazelnuts, apple, pear, cherry, peaches. We built a paddock and bought two milking goats that provide us all the milk, cream, butter, cheese and yogurt we could want.
  4. YOU! - We have a lot more to do and wake up every day looking forward to the journey. We’d love for you to join us on this journey, grow together, learn together, and celebrate everything that nature has to offer.


Exquisite meals from our yard to table in minutes, not days or weeks.

Even organic foods lose up to half their nutritional value each day they travel from across the United States to the store. Our executive-chef-quality prepared meals are of the highest nutritional value, delivered to your door for a family meal that is beyond yummy!


Even when we catch a predator trying to eat our chickens, like this adolescent fox, we are friendly and kind.

No pesticides

There is no need for pesticides. When you support the flowers and vegetation necessary for natures way of controlling harmful insects. This bee-like Robber Fly ate most of the Japanese Beetles on our beans.


Almost all supermarket foods have been selected to look good after surviving the week's-long journey from California or Mexico, sacrificing flavor and nutrition. Same-day foods offer a wealth of forgotten gems: Good king henry, caucasian mountain spinach, sea kale, ground nuts, sun chokes, fiddleheads or mulberries.

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