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What can we do to help fight climate change! 

Here at Honey Nut Farm we practice a holistic approach to farming through permaculture. This helpful article from explains some small things we all can do to embrace permaculture principles and continue to make our world a more environmentally sustainable and friendly place for all of us. 

Coming soon to Honey Nut Farm is our unique companion planting program where we invite you to come spend the day with us and learn about what we do here on a large scale, so that you can begin to implement some of these principles into your own backyard. Contact us anytime of you're interested in something like this! 

Most produce loses 30% of its nutrition within 3 days -- well before it hits stores

Spinach is even worse and can lose 90% of nutritional value within 24 hours or being harvested. 

The Nut Orchard

Our farm used to be a chestnut orchard with towering 120' trees until the chestnut blight killed them all in the 1920s. We are replanting blight-resistant chestnuts that are a highly nutritious alternative to wheat products. On our own, we cut about 300 white pines that had taken over the landscape and hired a chipping company that chipped them all within 6 hours. We use the chips as mulch on the farm.

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