Timing and delivery

Sign up for your preferred time slot to receive two meal kits each week (one weekday dinner, and one weekend lunch or brunch). We drive the prepared meal kits to you. You follow our carefully curated recipe, created by our farm's chef and accompanied by a helpful video, and simply put them on the stove or in the oven for a few minutes to finish off a perfect restaurant-quality meal to serve to your family.

Environmentally friendly

Each meal kit is prepared and delivered in sustainable packaging with a notice of exactly what was grown on our farm and a recipe to help you put it all together! We harvest everything immediately prior to creating our meal kits so you know you're getting the absolute freshest and most nutritious food available anywhere! You may not have the time to grow all your own food from seed to harvest, create unique and delicious recipes, and then prepare them, but we do! Let us help you to eat the fresh, local, and sustainable meals you crave. 

When we drop-off your meal at the door, we will pick up your sustainable packaging to compost in our large aerobic composting pile and even take your leftover food scraps to break down in our anaerobic Bokashi style compost bins. No landfill waste! We will even collect your compost and bring it back to the farm to return to the earth and eventually use it to put more food on your plate. 

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